Privato: Milanese Manolin (G.Vinaccia model)

inspired by a 1770 G. Vinaccia’s model

Time required for construction: 3 months

Weight: 0,99 lbs

Total length: 236 inch.

Types of wood employed: red firwood for the front of the harmonic box – maple for the body – ebony for the finger boar.

Polishing: opaque

Diapason: 129,9 inch.

Number of staves: 9

Number of frets: 12

Strings (nylon): 1^G 0,157 inch. – 2^D 0,196 inch. – 3^A 0,257 inch- 4^E 0,255 inch. -5^B 0,30 inch. -6^G 0,35 inch.