Privato: MILANESE MANDOLIN (based on the model by A.STRADIVARI)


Peso: gr. 220.



sound range


MANDOLINO MILANESE (mod. A. STRADIVARI) _ MILANESE MANDOLIN (based on model by A.STRADIVARI)Mandolino MODELLO Stradivari_profilo

Time required for construction: Three months

Lengtn: 204 inch.

Weight: 0.48 lbs

Types of vood employed: Firwood for the front of the Harmonic box ebont for the finger board, Maple and rosewood for the Body.

Polishing: opaque (ancient style)

Diapason. 124 inch.

Number of staves: 9/11

Number of frets: 9 (mobile, legaccio)

Strings (gut o nylon): 1^G (0.15 inch) – 2^D (0.20 inch.) – 3^A (0.27 inch) – 4^F-(E) (0.35 inch.) – 5^C-(B) (0.39 inch)